About us


The branch was established in 2002.  It operates on the North American market through a commercial organization located on the territory. 
Salami Hydraulics N.A provides a well – stocked warehouse of standard products and a pre and post sales service for customers.

The following products complete the range of Salami S.p.A:
Pressure and flow regulation valves, filters, hand pumps, power supply units and different sensors (pressure, flow, temperature), speed over-gears, mechanical and electromagnetic clutches, cartridge valves and special integrated circuit manifolds, ratiomotors, hoisting and towling winches, rotators.



                              Giuseppe Salami:  1927 – 2018

                                 You will always be with us!

In 1956 Giuseppe Salami decided to transform his technical passion and vocation in an enterpreneural adventure. Through the years he has costantly dedicated his whole life to allow his company to develop and grow. Today that he has left us, the story continues in the hands of his daughters, Maria Silvia and Rossana who follow their father’s mission, with unchanged spirit of research and innovation costantly pursuing Quality and Reliability which have always distinguished Salami products.


The Company's policy has grown together with a complete series of standard products along with the implementation of personalized items to meet the application needs of large OEMs.

Quality innovation and training for client's satisfaction

The undisputed quality of the Salami brand (certified since 1998), confirms that the Company is based on flexibility, constant investments and human resources valorization thus aquiring an increasingly important role on the most developed international markets.

Quality improvement is reached through continous organizational innovation and personnel training.

An efficient production management has been integrated with a just-as efficient client processing management aiming to combine service precision and velocity all to the ultimate client satisfaction.
Automatic work flows highlight in real time when expected events occur or indicate if they have a delay. The accurate project portfolio management, the Lean technique and the 5s applied to production along with the ongoing monitoring of Company performances and our partner suppliers, allow us to reach a high service level so to be able to cope with and solve any issue transforming it into precious experience for future occasions.
Furthermore, our techical presence spread out both in our main offices and in our branches provides a direct and punctual service so to better take charge of the pre and post-sales.

Company network - sub-supply

An important target we have reached in the last years is the development of solid partner relationships with our most loyal and certified suppliers who are at our side in finding the best solution possible for our final clients within a renewal and innovation process of the whole supplying procedure.
Salami strongly believes in the power of firms' aggregation especially for specialized sub-supply as our network can offer increasingly distinguished pecularities non available on a stand-alone situation.

School and University

Our training has to have the following goals: awareness of living in a global market, using the culture-change. Define the mechanic-electronic and software integration keeping in mind that the human capital remains the most important element to stimulate firms' adjustment and industrial capacity.
School's main task is to implement the tecnical-theoretical baggage through an increased direct presence in the work world so to provide a more practical and operative formation suitable to better face case-problems in a company, providing internships on processes, instrumentations and rules inside the various industrial departments.
Salami is one of the co-founders of the ITS Foundation (Istituto Tecnico Superiore Meccanica Meccanotronica Motoristica e Packaging dell'Emilia Romagna), an italian excellence in mechanics which allows the induction into firms of young students attending the post-diploma two years techical school.
Salami furthermore, searches the best students graduating from College to introduce them to internal professional cooperations both in management and in mechanics-electronics.