Pumps and motors

Salami SpA provides a large selection of hydraulic pumps and external gear motors with aluminum or cast iron bodies.  These may be used either in standard configurations, multiple combinations or customized configurations.  Salami pumps are appropriate for industrial equipment such as diggers, rubber coated backhoes, tractors, agricultural equipment, tow trucks, cranes and as well as for more general applications for trucks, fork-lift trucks, drills and drilling machines.


  • Aluminium alloy body gear pumps and motors


    • Gear pumps and motors made of aluminium alloy body, cast iron flanges and covers.
    • Available with flanges, shafts and ports for the main European and American standards.
    • Modular construction.


    • High volumetric efficiency achieved by floating bushings and axial compensation and bearings made of antifriction material.
  • Cast iron gear pumps and motors

    Salami SpA ‘s cast iron body gear pumps and motors offer the ultimate reliability in a compact size, perfectly suited for both fixed and mobile systems.

    Cast iron pumps are particularly appropriate for high demand applications such as fork-lift trucks and multi-utility vehicles.
    Salami pumps and motors are modular and like all Salami products, they have unmatched versatility in the choice of flanges, shafts, coils and integrated valves.

  • Aluminium body gear flow dividers

    Salami SpA designs and produces gear flow dividers built with high strength aluminum.  They may be used as flow equalizers, flow dividers and pressure intensifiers.  Salami components offer precise design, fit and longevity.  
    Additionally, Salami offers the possibility of customization for specific uses.

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